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Name: John Parish
Comment: I grew up in Yeovil in the 1970s. Yeovil did not have much going for it. Apart from Acorn Records.

Acorn records was run, as are most independent record stores, by a couple of silent, unsmiling blokes who seemed to know something about pretty much every record that had ever been released. My friends and I used to hang out there at lunchtime and after school on most days. Sometimes one of us even had enough money to buy a record.

But Acorn Records was more than a place to just buy records. You would go down there to hear whatever music was playing in the shop, to argue with your friends about the relative merits of different bands, and to flick endlessly through the record racks.

Yeovil did not have much going for it. Without Acorn Records, it would have had nothing. Every town needs an independent record store.

Name: Ossie
Comment: I remember Acorn from my years at Yeovil Tech, 1976-77. Bought all my new-wave/punk 45s and LPs there and still have them. Great to hear the place is still alive and kicking.

Name: Al Channing
Comment: I used to shop weekly for my music fix with Acorn during the early 1980s and 1990s for vinyl, tapes and the odd CD, sadly it's a lot different now with working full-time, but on the very rare occasion I get a day off in the week I head down there because with vinyl now making a comeback Acorn are starting to stock it again which is great as Acorn is the only place in Yeovil you can get decent vinyl, I just wish they were open on Sundays because that's the only day off I get.

Acorn hasn't changed much over the years which is nice to see, but if you want rare and collectible music then Acorn is the place you need to be looking, places like HMV and other big chains are overpriced and just don't give you that homely feeling as you get with Acorn, their prices are good and if they haven't got what your looking for then they will get it for you! Also you are served by folk who know about music and not by rude 12-year-olds with bum fluff they call beards.



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