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(Sept 30, 2014) Deryck said:Yeah - a tiny place, almost under the railway bridge at Bingham Road. My Mum & Dad used to buy all our 78rpms here when we moved to Addiscombe in 1957 (I was 4). I bought a 7" plastic kid's 78rpm here in August 1961 and then, at the crossing, I ran across the road & got smashed up by a motor bike. Poor driver. I nearly died, but clearly survived! I still have the little record of course! As I recall, the father got a bit older & 45s came out & his son took over running the shop until it eventually went.

(Aug 10, 2014) Anonymous said:Was a great place to dig. The 2 owners were great blokes. Got all my white labels free !!

(Feb 15, 2013) Anonymous said:Got all my rare import jazz funk to Bingham bridge.

(March 20, 2015) The local launderette was right opposite the Addiscombe Music Centre so I couldn’t resist browsing the record racks, in what was a very small space inside the shop, after the washing was done! They used to do part-exchange as well. Comment: Dave Harwood

(August 19, 2015) Spent all my pocket money here. A great shop, 10 minutes walk from my house. Always used to play great music. I could browse for hours and choose which record to buy. I remember Sparks, This Town ain't big enough for both of us, all the Zeppelin catalogue up to physical graffiti, and then the rest as they came out, Jeff becks Truth, and later Hawkwinds Levitation. In truth the bulk of my favourite LPs were bought there. Loved the place! Comment: Bernard McCann

I’ve still got T.Rex Electric Warrior LP with AMC sticker on it. I bought it when I was 10
Ian Johnson


Advert, from ‘The Book of Addiscombe Volume II’, for Addiscombe Music Stores which was later called Addiscombe Music Centre and then Music Town, all at the same address and telephone number, before finally being demolished to make way for Croydon Tramlink. Also from the book, there is a recollection of the shop from Paul Nihill:
“This store must have been the smallest record shop in the world yet they seemed to stock almost everything and – don’t forget – in the 1950’s we are talking about cumbersome 78s. In those days you could collect, free of charge, no end of photographs of your favourite recording artists. They even had a 24-hour service where they would despatch an LP record anywhere.” Dave Harwood


Back of a 1972 Ron Goodwin, Columbia ‘Studio 2 Stereo’ LP. Dave Darwood


Image Scared Records Peckham Open Saturdays






Addiscombe Music Centre 235b Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon

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