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Alans!! That picture (and the article) have just kick started an avalanche of memories,though I suspect I'm older than the author,as I can remember Alans starting up as a stall on wigan market before moving into that beloved shop,and before he started selling skate/bmx gear-just vinyl and comics. Reading batman and listening to early voivod,sheer joy! Didnt Alan also start his own local record label? Clearly remember watching a few napalm death-type bands in that tiny shop (you can only imagine the volume),and being told they were "his bands". Just curious, any info would be good-top article!

Spent a lot of time in Alan's of Wigan as a yoof, buying Throwing Muses, Foetus and Throbbing Gristle. Then spent a little time wedded to Offbeat in Hull (Loop, Oxbow, Spacemen 3). Comment: speedkermit




53 Mesnes Street Wigan / Lancashire

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