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(May 23, 2014) Pete Downs said:Arcadia took over the Knights shop in Union Street. Not sure if they were connected or not.

When we opened Knights at 100 Broad Street, Reading we renamed the older Knights shop Arcadia. We already had one with the same name in Plymouth. Arcadia was a branch of Knights in Plymouth. When Knights opened 100 Broad Street the old Friar Street shop was renamed Arcadia. Arcadia was the name of Knights' shop in Plymouth, and when the larger Knights shop opened in 100 Broad Street, Reading, the original in Friar Street, not Union street (aka 'smelly alley'), was renamed Arcadia. Still a Knights shop though. I was the record buyer and ran all the Knights shops.
Simon Gee
(2019 &2020)



100 Broad Street Reading / Berkshire
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