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Run by the family of Edwin (Ted) Astley a well known composer of music for film and TV in the 1950's and 60's. Shop open as a music store in the 1970's, as well as records they stocked musical instruments, sheet music, Audio / HiFi gear, televisions etc. Closed at the end of March 2011. Ted's daughter Karen was once married to Pete Townshend and another daughter, Virginia is a singer / songwriter with something of a cult following.

(October 21, 2015) Regular customer here when I lived in Wallingford (1984-85), and visited often while still in Oxfordshire 1986-89.Perhaps one of the most foolish business choices I ever made was not taking-up a business proposal Gareth Astley* (Ted's son, just a few years my senior) made to me sometime 1985.Looking back, the opportunity to manage that shop, and enjoy the magnificent living room of the flat above, might have made for a very happy business life.

It seems almost incredible now, but in the 80s Wallingford not only supported two record shops, but Astley's also found it viable to offer a very commendable hi-fi section, with a nice, acoustically treated listening rroom (heavy wall cutains) to the back of the shop.

*I believe Gareth had just taken-over the reigns at the shop when I moved to the town at the start of 1984, qith Ted still helping-out at wekends sometimes. He remained proprietor until the shop's sad demise in 2011, when he chose to cease being a testing-ground for products that his "customers" then went away and bought on the Internet. Comment:Tony S.


06 Jun 2023 at 11:23
Trying to get in touch with the Astleys. I'm a filmmaker and am involved in a documentary utilising some music that Edwin Astley composed. Any help would be warmly received. Thanks, Archie
Gareth Astley
22 Jun 2023 at 04:50
Email me and I can help
[email protected]



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