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Name: PW Turner
Comment: After playing my older brother's record and tape collection to death I decided that it was time to start my own collection. At Astonishing Sounds in Burnley I'd spend hours shyly browsing the racks of obscure indie bands, occasionally plucking up the courage to ask the surly-looking man behind the counter to put one on. Amazingly, against all recent trends, Astonishing is still there, though I don't think they stock The Pastels or The Kitchens of Distinction anymore.
(24 March 2013)

Name: Jonny
Comment: Run by Neil (never really 'surly'!), Astonishing specialises in vinyl, across all genres. I have actually bought some KoD from him in the last year or so and I'm pretty sure there is some Pastels on CD in the racks!

Name: Charlie Bravo
Comment: I remember going into Astonishing in 1993 or 1994 where I picked up an LP from the racks and the disc fell out onto the floor. Doh! I put it back into the sleeve and back onto the rack rather quickly and left the shop. The LP was The English Disease by Barmy Army. I bought it on CD from HMV in Manchester in 1995.
(5 July 2016)




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