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Seeing that picture actually made me well up a bit.I used to spend hours in that shop. It was big with high ceilings and those windows let in so much light.The walls were covered in the more desirable and always something interesting on the stereo.  A really 'proper' record shop with one side dedicated to electronic, and the other everything else. Paul (I think was his name) was a top bloke, had a shop in Oxford and I one in Salisbury. Alas all have shut down now, and mores the pity. A great great loss.

(Jan 16. 2016) I remember 2 floors of crated vinyl and some CD's at the counter. You could find some good stuff at good prices if you didn't mind digging for it. I don't remember really enjoying being in there though really. It was more like something that you had to get done.  The basement was horrible with no natural daylight.  But there was some good stuff in there and that guy knew a thing or 2 although he mainly kept to himself unless prompted.   It could also be a good place to sell but best to pick a time when the boss wasn't there and it was one of his workers. You would get a much better price.  Comment: digital killaz.

I remember Avid in Oxford. Just off Gloucester Green. There was also another Avid branch in Bournemouth.
I remember buying Pil's Death Disco 7" in Avid when I was about 14, later on a copy of Unknown Pleasures (which was pretty cheap back then - a tenner or something), Lick My Decals Off Baby by Capt. Beefheart which was £25 and the most I had spent on a record at that point haha.

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Avid Records

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