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(July 29, 2014) Paul Cordier said:I recall going there in the 1970's and listening to new records in the "booth" ( Head phones on a wall)

(Mar 14, 2014) Paul Foster said:Bakers was also in Dover , just up from plantation. It was renamed revolvers and it was on two floors.

My enjoyment of the reggae music was ending. During the long Easter holiday, my Post office savings were again subject to a raid, this time it was for spending at the funfair and a record buying spree which took place in "Baker's" shop Gillingham High street and I believe "Barnaby Recordings" on the busy corner junction of Gillingham High street/Victoria street/Railway street opposite the railway station. I'd read in the "New musical express" about two new double LP records released for sale priced at 29/11d each. Absolute bargain! Two record companies, Island records and E.M.I. each released a various artists sampler album, one titled "Bumpers"(ISLAND label), the other "Picnic, A breath of fresh air"(HARVEST label). They were a showcase of the best British rock, progressive. rock, folk, blues and avant-garde music of the time. Mick Fairservice had been playing his similar various artists sampler LP records during the term and I was becoming a real fan of these artists. Immersing my self in closely listening to this new music and the lyrics during the Easter. "Bumpers" and "Picnic" were in my opinion the best sampler LP's quality selection of track recordings ever put together. The Upbury Chronicler


Dave Harwood
25 Sep 2023 at 03:39
I found an advert in the ‘Sheerness Times Guardian’ dated 4th December 1964:
“BAKER'S RECORD SHOPS LTD. AT Baker’s record shop, near Sheerness station, you will find the largest selection of gramophone records in Sheppey. There are records to suit all tastes in music, from the latest Beatles disc to the symphonies of Beethoven.”



Baker's Gillingham

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