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I found this classified advert in the 'Brentwood Gazette' dated 16th August 1968:

“SMART INTELLIGENT YOUNG LADY (15 to 18 years) required for busy RECORD SHOP. Apply: BANDBOX, The Arcade, Brentwood.”

… and this piece in the 1st November 1968 edition:

“Nearly 30 LP records were stolen from a stand outside the Bandbox record shop in Brentwood Arcade over the week-end.”

… also this piece in the 24th December 1969 edition:

“... If anybody in Brentwood has a friend or relative in the hospital they can send in a request which we shall gladly play for them. The Bandbox shop at Brentwood Arcade helps us out a lot by giving us our records at trade price.” Dave Harwood (2024)




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