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Rosalind Binks

I'm the little girl in the middle - that is a 50's carnival float for Barnett's - my father Joe Barnett's business. Kathleen (with the guitar) was my father's secretary & Cllr Bill Hayton's sister-in-law.

Bill Hayton

Yes my sister in law Kathleen Hayton nee Chapman with the guitar and I think Mrs Barnett in the back.

Kevin Fright

Was my favourite record shop


Dave Harwood
26 Sep 2023 at 04:25
I found this advert in the ‘East Kent Times & Mail’ dated 29th June 1956:
“THE DEALER YOU CAN DEPEND UPON - BARNETTS 15, QUEEN ST., RAMSGATE 'PHONE: 51139. Also at 66, HIGH STREET, BROADSTAIRS. All the Latest Gramophone Record Releases now in stock.”


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