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Although they specialised in Northern Soul I remember buying Roxy Music - Stranded, Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here and The Tubes first album from them (they introduced me to The Tubes way before they were on OGWT and became famous in the UK). Definitely active during the 70’s, the Dudley shop was the first with the Blackheath branch following later. Comment: Adrian Holmes.

(August 7, 2015) I never went to the Dudley branch, but shopped regularly at the Blackheath store. I started going there in 1972, and the first record I bought there was 'Debora' by Tyrannosaurus Rex, which had been reissued on the back of T. Rex's massive success. The woman who served me was Jackie, and at some point in '73/'74 the shop expanded from a tiny cubby hole into a decent sized shop, selling a fair range of current rock and soul releases. Stuart Batsford.

Barry james records was in Wton st dudley i bought many records it became a vidio shop after i believe then back to a record shop the owner back then was no other than Barmy Barry barry carry

Alan Caswell




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