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Dave Harwood
08 Dec 2023 at 03:24
I found this in the 'Hull Daily Mail' dated 3rd October 1988: “IT’S the dance-floor sensation of the year and today ACE invites you to 'tune in and drop out' to the sounds of Acid House. In conjunction with promoters Kingston Power and Hull’s only specialist dance music shop, Bass Records and Discs, we have five copies of the new compilation LP “Urban Acid” to be won.”
… and this advert in the 15th November 1989 edition: “AT-COST, 30-34 NEWLAND AVENUE, HULL. ALL UNDER ONE ROOF: Jewellery, Ear Piercing, Belts, Scarves, Household and Fancy Goods, Records, Compact Discs, Crafts, Chocolates, Greeting Cards, Cigarettes, Childrens Wear and Toys. BASS RECORDS, UNIT 5, DANCE MUSIC SPECIALISTS. All chart music and CD’s. DJ discount available.”
… and this article from the 13th March 1990 edition: "Hull Daily Mail Readers would be surprised to find that, what is considered by most as, Hull’s trendiest Record Store is being run by a mother of three? Quite a few, one would think. Yet that’s the case! What is commonly regarded as a male-dominated bastion of commerce, Kath Roche has carved herself a niche in this highly competitive market. Her product range spans most types of music, with a special emphasis on Dance Music. Indeed much of the Dance Music sold is imported from Europe and the U.S.A. Such a competitive choice of imports (reputed to be the largest in East Yorkshire) is what makes Bass Records really unique. This is why so many of Hull’s top DJ’s and Mixers can found at Bass searching for the best music tracks. Special thanks are extended to Porky B, Ricky J and Chuzzer for their help, support and business received over the past years. Records and Discs, Unit 5 in 'At-Cost' 30-34 Newland Avenue, Hull. Tel: (0482) 440018.”
Dave Harwood
09 Dec 2023 at 01:29
I found this address in the 'Hull Daily Mail' dated 9th June 1993: “Bass Records, Unit 5, Shopping Arcade, Newland Avenue, Hull”


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