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This department store drew customers in from far and wide and made Leytonstone a decent shopping centre. I don't know when it closed (it looked long gone by the time I moved there in 1989) and a MacDonald's drive-in now occupies the site. Comment: Mark Griffiths.
This was an amazing store as a child, it had the best Santa that was a must see for anyone in the area. Have not been back there for years but this is a great memory. A decade ago I passed through Leytonstone and its changed beyond belief (not in a good way)

Mark Lusty

My mum worked at Bearmans in the haberdashery dept when she first left school agree with Mark Lusty. Visiting Santa at Bearmans was amazing as a kid. We happened to go one year just as Santa was arriving at the store. They did such a good job
I remember being shown to our seats for the journey to see Santa. It was like we were on a tube train (although we were inside the store) you could see outside the windows and it was as if we were going really fast through space!
I wish I had a video to show people, but this was over 50 years ago! Absolutely wonderful! When Bearmans closed, Leytonstone lost its appeal sadly
Julir Schier




Bearman's Department Store High Road Leytonstone E11

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