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Bought my first Bowie album,on cassette - Ziggy Stardust. It took my lunch money for a week. The following week Jimmy Dory... No lunch again, no regrets!
Later that year had both albums on vinal, plus The man who sold the word and the Mercury rerelease.
Bernard Deans, who would have thought such a straight arrow shop could have started a lifetime of musical pleasure.

Richard Murphy


Carol Cole
30 Aug 2023 at 06:22
Worked here in 1974 when I was job ever and boss (Barry) and co workers were so lovely. Happy memories ♥️
Dave Harwood
20 Sep 2023 at 04:14
I found a mention of Bernard Dean in the ‘Yorkshire Post’ dated 29th April 1952:
“The Music Centre (Bernard Dean). 12, St. Thomas Street, Scarborough (Tel. Scarborough 2573).”



St Thomas Street, Scarborough

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