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(Nov 26, 2013) Anonymous said:Remember it well,we used to go every Saturday and get lots of great bootlegs.

(Sept 28, 2012) Mark Shaw said:They also had a shop at All Saints, it was my favourite as a kid.

(Apr 19, 2012) Brent (Basiecat ) said:Black Sedan was a great (little ) shop in the early 1970's opposite what is now the local Jobcentre in Rochdale catering to the " Heads " - Beefheart and prog galore- painted black walls as I recall and primarily albums

(March 26, 2015) Bought the bootleg Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall 1966. This would be 1974 at All Saints. Comment: David Devalle.

Glatzkopf Auswanderer "Oh,yes,the Black Sedan. Great interior deco,that place. Black staircase and LP sleeves on the wall. Roger Dean posters. Left a few quid there. Also found a Black Sedan plakki bag the other day in t'attic. Must be 40 years old. Receipts for Relics and Space Ritual.What ever became of Moira and Sheila? Tractor and Black Sedan.What a great upbringing. Glad to be old enough to have experienced this era in Rochdale. No more rock and Roll." (March 31, 2016)




Black Sedan Image Simon

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