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Blackmail opened in the early 1980s and was primarily a mail order business, but it did open two or three days a week. I think they specialised in metal and heavy rock, but it sold cut-outs and had many really great soul and funk albums for sale at very cheap prices. I remember buying stuff like Curtis Mayfield's Honesty and also Something To Believe In and also Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson's From South Africa To South Caroline. I don't think it really lasted too long, unfortunately. But while it was there, it was possibly the only really good store we ever had in Grimsby. Comment Bill Brewster DJ History
Hi Bill,
When we did the A-level Politics course at Grimsby college, I remember Nicky Potts giving everyone an update on what new records her dad had in stock. From "Blackmail" I bought Anthrax "Among the Living" and the Metallica "Master of Puppets" albums. Still have them.
Great Days Regards, Mike Garrett.




Blackmail Records

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