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There were two Bloggs stores, both in Glasgow and both owned by Mike and Steve McNaughton of Listen (and latterly Echo) fame.
The St Vincent Street branch (pictured, with Micky Rooney at the door) was a goldmine for new wave and indie releases while its ugly-sister shop just around the corner in Renfield Street dealt mainly in disco and easy listening. Comment: Vladimir Lenin.

I have attached a photo of a Bloggs bag for your great archive. A great wee shop and where i bought my punk singles! They used to do 6 punk singles in a sealed brown paper bag for £1. A sort of Punk Pot Luck. Comment: Neil Menzies

(June 26,2015) Aye I remeber bloggs well the 6 for a pound bag was great I was a punk back in 77 and loved that record shop and the record shop round the corner called listen I remember they banded punks from going into their shop for a while . Comment: Hammy Hammy.

Name Tim Chronnell Comment:Worked for the McNaughton brothers at various Listen/Bloggs branches between 1977 and 1982. It was a great experience and a wonderful time to be involved in the record business. Micky Rooney was a star but then so was Tex and may others. (May 30, 2017)



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