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Thornton Bobby, a home electrical store (hi-fi's, televisions, white goods etc) with a record department run by a guy called Tony in the 1970s. On the other side of Northdown Road above a coffee shop was the Aquarius Record Centre owned by DJ legend Mike Burns. He moved to a shop further along the road towards Margate later.


Dave Harwood
03 Dec 2023 at 04:36
I found this advert in the 'Thanet Times' dated 8th September 1964: “THORNTON BOBBY Your authorized Bush dealers: 242 NORTHDOWN RD., CLIFTONVILLE, MARGATE. Thanet 2444415.”
… and this address in the 31st January 1967 edition: “THORNTON BOBBY LIMITED 7a QUEEN ST., MARGATE Tel. Thanet 344111.
Dave Harwood
03 Dec 2023 at 04:43
I also found this advert in the 'Thanet Times' dated 14th June 1966: “ALL RECORDS AND MUSIC FROM 'THE SOUND OF MUSIC' are obtainable from THORNTON BOBBY LTD. 242 Northdown Rd., Cliftonville; 7a Queen St., Margate. Telephone: Thanet 24444/5.”



242 Northdown Road, Cliftonville CT9 Margate / Kent
7a Queen Street CT9 1DN Margate / Kent
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