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Boots, which had a record section and a couple of listening booths upstairs (but nobody wanted to be seen carrying their purchase in a Boots bag!); or Woolworths (crappy Embassy and Avenue recordings). For kudos though it had to be a real record shop and not one of these crappy chain stores . . . . sigh, such happy days. I miss them. Comment: telegramsam


Dave Harwood
13 Dec 2023 at 10:29
This piece, about Ashford's record stores, in the 'Kentish Express' dated 26th November 1976 mentions Boots: “Every taste in music from Bowie to Beethoven is catered for in the town's record stores. The Turntable, Record Corner, Guy Norris, Boots, Woolworths and Burnage’s. Burnage, proudly displaying the sign “‘House of Music,’’ has a fine tradition of selling musical instruments, music and records. It moved from North Street to the High Street (now Woolworths) in 1923 and then on to its present site in Bank Street.”



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