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When I was fifteen I got a job at a clothes shop in Bradford and on the market there used to be a market stall called Bostock’s, and they used to do twenty records for a quid, American imports, with no centres in. At this time I used to buy records, even if I didn’t know what they were. Bostock’shad a chain, one in Huddersfield, one in Leeds and they had a lot of US and Canadian cut-outs, so I started buying all the Four Tops, Smokey and Stevie Wonder records that hadn’t come out over here. Anything, basically, on that label. Every Saturday for about a year I used to go toBostock’s in my lunch hour come back with a bag of forty records, and my entertainment for that night was sitting down and playing the A and B-sides of these records and having my parents moan at me about saving money. Extract from Ian Dewhirst Interview DJ History.

(Feb 25, 2014) Carl said:I was the very last customer at the Leeds store in the early nineties. I was buying a copy of Rush -Power Windows on cassette when the staff informed me of this.Sad to see the general decline of local record stores. Digital downloading & streaming is about the last punch in the guts for record shops but good to see that a certain class of consumer still values the joy of buying a physical format - Long live the surviving stores.

(Oct 24, 2013) Anonymous said:Paul bostocks what a nice guy and a good friend of Geoffrey Ali also passed away like Paul way to early jim Ali and Tom skinner still miss and talk about paul

(Feb 15, 2013) jonathan bostock said:That was my uncles chain of shops, called him Gerry. He and his son, Paul started it off in Bradford.

(Jan 25, 2013) kendo nagasaki said:the Leds branch was in the Merrion centre, just opposite the infamous 'Phono' nightclub/dive. it ran up till the early 90s. they stock a lot of rubbish but it was well worth a visit as you could come across some real gems!

(July 12, 2012) Fan said:RIP Paul Bostock - A light that went out far too early. A Classic Case of Funk

(June 8, 2015) I was manager of the shop at the time it closed. By then it was a subsidiary of a london company "Dynamite Records". The owners name was Marc Fisher. Unfortunately they decided to launch their own label of cds, albums and cassettes but they didnt take off and their subsequent outlay on tv advertising meant the end for the once popular chain. Happy memories though :-) John Bairstow.

Name Gary Shaw Comment: Hi I used to visit the Bradford one at John street every sat morning , pick up a lot of ELO imports as well as Queen. (May 19, 2017)
my Grandad (Paul)
and my great Grandad (Gerry)
owned this company
jake briggs
I used to make a beeline for Bostock's in the Merrion Center during what must have been the late 70's. It was exciting to look for cheap singles and I remember buying a cheap copy of ELO's seminal 'Out of the Blue' double album on vinyl there. The album sleeve of it had been notched which I now read was a way of marking overstock/ non-retourn/ heavy discounted records. Still played great though. I still miss that bargain hunting excitement.
Steve Dixon

As a record buying 12 year old, Bostock's a was life-safer for a budding record collector. They had a great selection of older classic rock and metal albums, between £1.99 and £3.99. I bought an most weeks. I liked the shop so much, I ended up working there some 6 years later. I managed the Bradford Market Stall at 18 but got tired of working on my own so transferred to the Leeds shop to work with John, mentioned above, Sharon and Amanda, who became close friends. Fond memories indeed, apart from the bloody musical flying machine in the glass case that did it's thing, on the hour, every hour. I was promoted to run the Shipley shop and worked there until the summer of 91.
Mark Connors

Peter Haigh

Remember Bostocks getting 40 records for a £1. I sold one of them recently for £25 on ebay.



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