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  • Philip Rae: My first record was the theme to Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet TV puppet show in 1967, by his musical genius friend Barry Gray. I'd have been 12 years old. I bought it at Brady's in Preston. What I remember most was the fact it had a full-colour sleeve of my hero at a time when the show itself was only broadcast in black and white. Sadly, the record went the way of most things when you are a kid - played to death on my dad's old gramophone that had a nail for a stylus. I still have the sleeve though!
  • Great to see the photo of Brady's Records. This was my Grandad's shop and would love to see any other photos or hear any memories that people have of it.
  • Colchester Creek Andrew Brady2 years ago
    Ah Brady's.. home to much of my youth (and most of my pocket money). In the pre-internet days, Brady's, John Peel and Melody Maker were the touchstones for music information. I remember nascent long hairs buying precious new vinyl from a helpful chap in a clean collar and tie, heading eagerly home on brown city buses to play and play the new prize. I remember the girls wore a uniform, at least for a while, of sky blue sweaters and brown pinafores. I see seasonal decorations in the photo, and a low morning sun - wonder if this was a pre-business hours Christmas card photo or something ? Nice place, nice people, ideal location. Many folks will have many fond memories, Andrew - your grandad did good :)

    On 13th September 1963 my grandparents were involved in organizing the Beatles concert in Preston Guild Hall. It would be lovely to hear more if anyone remembers it. Thanks, Carla.
    • Hi. Andrew is my brother and I know a little more about this photo and the shop. The photo I believe was taken during the 1972 Preston Guild. Grandads shop Brady's was in Crystal House in Preston and supplied the whole of Lancs CC with records for education and libraries. He also provided the regional top 10 sales each week to BBC's Top of The Pops. At its height it employed 15 members of staff. The names though I don't know apart from my Grandad Terry Brady and also my Grandma worked there too Betty. They sold the shop to HMV in 1985 and retired.
  • Pauline Gibson Carla Bradya year ago
    Hi, my name is Pauline Gibson nee James and I am wearing the red skirt in the photo. left to right the names are Nancy Place, June Iddon ,Neil Farrell (manager), me, Heather Collinson, Kathy Crook, Eileen Carr, Elaine Whiteside, Margaret Kennedy and Mr Brady. Jackie Parkinson was not there that day because she was in the procession. Mr Brady's daughter Tricia worked Saturdays for a while. Mr Brady was the best employer I ever had. One of the happiest times of my life. If you want any more info just ask.We had the uniforms made specially. The blouses we wore in summer were white with bicycles print on them. Winter was a turquoise polo neck. The brown pinafores were made of crimpelene and I remember one of the girls leaning too close to a candle during the power cuts we had in the 70's and it melted, Health and safety law only came in in 197

I worked in Ross Allen's opposite Brady's in the 70's. My friend Heather Mather (nee Fraser) defected from Brady's to run it and I took over when she left to have a baby. Also ran House of Records on the market upstairs and my first job was in Arcadia Records in 1963, inside the Arcade. I was known as Kathy Duce in those days. Does anyone remember the shops?
Kath Ainsworth

My sis heth in picture black glasses black dress....heather collinson
dave collinson

Does anyone know what year Brady´s opened in Crystal House? Was Terry Brady also a concert promoter? I think Crystal House opened in 1962 and wonder if something else was there before Brady´s?
Robin Drinkall

Eileen Carr was at the time my girlfriend, or was I her boyfriend? Great happy days! I remember the dress she is wearing as if it was yesterday, it was, but many, many yesterdays. I often think of those times and my childhood of Preston, Avenham, attending St. Saviours LCC Primary School, Hope St. (?) and Penwortham Country Secondary School. Born in 1948 I finally left the area for Whalley around 1973? Marriage and children ( two beautiful Daughters ) followed and I retired early, 2003 and now live in Huncoat, between Accrington and Burnley.
stephen mason




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