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. Another "old-school" emporium. It sold musical instruments and sheet music upstairs, and records downstairs. On the counter was a huge crate of deletions and flops offered for 25p a pop (this would be about 1978). The shop moved to Church Street in the mid-80s, and abandoned the idea of selling records, concentrating on musical instruments. Its Aberdeen branch lasted until early 2011. Comment: dn784533 45cat forum
(April 21, 2015) Bruce Miller's two branches in Aberdeen were originally in George Street, where the record department was up a kind of half-stair at the back, and a little later in Holburn Street. Both of those had listening booths until the early eighties, but the stores never had the cachet of the Other Record Shop or Happy Trails. The two branches merged when they moved to 363 Union Street, and the record department disappeared altogether some time after that. Comment Richard Watt.

  • Lindsey Collett
    That is so sad. Loved Bruce Millers.
  • Bobbie Isbell
  • A shame such a legend of a shop will be no more

  • Kath Noble
    thats a shame, remember going there to get a recorder when i was in primary school...........long time ago, how can they compete with online prices : (

  • Suz McDonald
    That is indeed very sad.

  • The Artists Pad
    Kath, sad news indeed, internet shopping is ripping the heart out of Union Street.

  • Lynn Cormack
    OMG!!!! End of an era!! Very sad indeed!

  • Cheryl Duthie
    not good....

  • Mark S Gordon
    Didnt mind when they pulled down my primary school but this is really tragic.

  • Doug Daniel
    Weird, I always kind of thought Bruce Millers would be on Union Street forever. I thought their lunchtime trade alone would be enough to keep them going. Where are folk going to buy pianos now?

  • Jonathan Knights
    Another sad day for independant retailers in Aberdeen

  • Andy Rudgley
    Pianos and sheet music. Taken away. Any budding musicians wanting a piano? As a pianist, Aberdeens not the place to buy one. Whatever u think of Bruce millers pricing, this is a sad day.

  • Amrita Bharij
    i used to spend a lot of my time in that shop, it will be missed!

  • Ian R Stewart
    End of an era - I remember going there for guitar lessons - didn't help me much, but that wasn't their fault - it was just lack of talent on my part! Ross Stewart did a bit better thankfully.

  • Sarah Will
    any further information regarding the auction? They've actually closed the shop!

  • Barbara Riddell
    I remember when it was on George Street I think. My friends and I would go in and ask to hear a song and you went into a cubicle and listened to it !! Sad !!

  • Rachel Jukes
    so sad, can i have the magic round about clock, save it going to waste like many other ones on union st

  • Iain Gray
    Sad ... End of an institution. ... Used to love the shoip when it was in george street

  • Alistair Dale
    Oh no!

  • Sheila Ritchie
    Sad; but failure to move with the times will do that

  • Alistair Milne
    Fondly remember spending hours browsing in there as a kid.

  • Aberdeen
    Utterly terrible

  • Linda Wilson
    What a shame very sad

  • Lee Phillips
    jeez that is sad I too remember when it was in George St,we used to come in from Boxy ,to go there & 1 UP records ,what was the other big record shop called on Union St that turned into a bar ?

  • Russell Grier
    Not long now till the whole of Union St is bars, pound shops and empty units. The planning dept is cluelessPatrick Alexander Smith
  • Another institution disappears, where will I go if I decide I need a Steinway now?


Dave Harwood
19 Aug 2023 at 09:30
I found an advert in the Aberdeen Evening Express (dated 16th February 1943) that mentions C. BRUCE MILLER & CO., and other dealers in Aberdeen:
“HIS MASTER'S VOICE want all your old worn, scratched or chipped records to help to produce new ones. ANY QUANTITY ACCEPTED. IT'S URGENT! AN ALLOWANCE WILL BE PAID. Bring them now to GEORGE M. BOWMAN, 349 Union Street. J. & A. MARR, 11 Bridge Street. C. BRUCE MILLER & CO., 51-53 George Street. NEIL & CO., 45 Queen Street. PATERSON, SONS & MARR WOOD, LTD., 183 Union Street.”


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