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The top floor of Callers furniture store, roughly situated where HMV has just moved from on Northumberland St was a record store in the 70s/80s run by Tony Bromwich who founded Hitsville. Comment: Marek.


Dave Harwood
19 Mar 2024 at 05:01
I found this advert in the 'Sunday Sun (Newcastle)' dated 27th April 1975: “ALAN PRICE’S new Album - in stock SOON! Plus 1,000’s of other records and tapes available NOW from our new BIGGER DEPARTMENT. CALLERS Record & Tape Dept., Second Floor, Northumberland St., Newcastle.”
... and this piece in the 22nd October 1978 edition: “GEORDIE comedian, Bobby Thompson, 70, has knocked heart-throb John Travolta from the North's top pop slot - no joking! The Grease soundtrack album has slipped to number two in the charts, and in its place is The Little Waster's first LP. Thousands of copies have been changing hands across record shop counters between Alnwick and North Yorkshire in the last few days. Such was the demand that shops ran out of stocks earlier this week. Many of them had underestimated the likely sales and had to re-order in a hurry, said Dave Wood, who runs the Impulse recording studios in Wallsend, who made the album for Newcastle record label, Rubber. Windows record store in Newcastle reported sales of 300 albums over a four-day period compared with 150 copies of the next biggest seller, Grease - even though the store was running a special cut-price offer on the John Travolta record. Callers' record department manager, Tony Bromwick said: The Little Waster is outselling any other LP by about three to one. People have been waiting 20 years for this record. The album is an hour-long live recording of Bobby in action, including his famous Army routine and other favourites like the usual chat about his wife.”
... also this piece in the 4th July 1981 edition:
“KIKI DEE will be appearing at Callers Record Shop in Newcastle on Tuesday at 12.30 p.m. to sign autographs.”



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