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Canterbury Rock was (I don't know if its still going?) run by a really nice guy who was a mad Fairport Convention fan. Rather a 'raggle taggle' shop it was a place you went if you loved a rummage. Plenty of vinyl of all descriptions and a good deal of unusual stuff as well. I think the owner knew a few local radio D.J's as I used to pick up quite a few white labels in there. A good selection of 7" and Lp's there was always something new at the shop. The worst thing about it was its location - right out of town about as far as you could go before hitting 'no man's land! In fact, I only found it in the first place because my nose is like a bloodhounds when it comes to vinyl!
I think the shop also dabbled in selling musical instruments as well. Comment: Tony May

(Sept 23, 2014) Dr Tony Parsons said:Still alive and kicking (23/09/2014)

(May 3, 2013) ross revell said:The shop is still alive and well in 2013 - think been there since about 1979

(Dec 26, 2012) Ric said:Still there last year!

(Sept 5, 2012) mike hunt said:used to be a regular here but the quality of the stock has gone down considerably over the past year or so,would often come out with a gem or unusual bootleg.Lack of good indie stores locally has forced me on to the net,can be pricy,but the albums are out there!

(June 13, 2012) labian quest said:friendly,slightly eccentric owner,the shop is a bit of a mish mash and shambolic,a lot of the vinyl seemed to be rather tatty and over-priced,better stuff on e-bay for the true vinyl fanatic.A window full of cds,but a lot of tat amongst them,wonder how the shop keeps going!

Name Iona Gibson Comment: Went in more out of a curiosity grown from my love for music. Could not believe the amount of stuff in there (it isn't just vinyls) - I asked him if he keeps the rare vinyls for himself, but told me they're hidden in the piles of colour! It's a very quirky little place with so much character. It's these kinds of places that need to be kept up and I was so happy to hear it is as original as ever and still going. Though, I do feel the popularity is going down - and I'm not sure why! You never know what you'll come across, could have sworn I saw some original mono releases from the 60s and 70s! The man who runs the store told me he's been running it for over 30 years, a very polite and helpful guy with an enthusiasm for genres across the board. He also told me when he first opened the place, there were loads of old teabags still stacked on the shelves. Worth a look if you're into music as well as history, it'll give you chills and make you smile, and who knows what treasure you might find buried in there. Sometimes pricey but there are some unbeatable bargains. Any true music lover would appreciate the experience of searching for gold in store rather than bidding madly on Ebay for days on end I'm sure.(April 26, 2017)

Spent ££££ in here in the late 80s when I studied in Canterbury. Got some real bargains as Jim's (the fantastic chap of an owner) knowledge of music stopped at about 1978! Popped by in May 2017 and was delighted to see that it is still open. Jim is getting on a bit now so I think the opening hours are a bit erratic. Have to say that the stock was a bit disappointing and overpriced but that's par for the course now.

Kenny MacPhee




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