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Star visitors were Limahl when he was with Kajagoogo, The Bee Gees, Kim Wilde, etc. It was great getting the reps round every week with all the new releases and passing them on to the DJ's. I don't expect that to happen anymore. I am 71 now (old) but I still remember the good old days and would love to hear from any of the record company reps who used to visit. Great to hear from you. Kind regards Carol Lydster

(Dec 13, 2012) Carol ydster said:I was the proprietor of the Carousel Record Shop, Bedworth, Warwickshire, from 1999972 for 12 yearsd. It was a great place and meeting placefor all the youngsters in edworth and I would love to hear from some of them if they remamber me.

(March 20, 2015) How wonderful to find this - I was a regular in the Carousel, without doubt the ONLY place to be. I was a massive record buyer and you and the shop are enshrined in my best 'growing up' years memories. I'm 55 now and not far behind you. Many, many thanks to You and Sue you were both were amazing, knowledgeable, friendly and generous. I remember walking out of the store with many a discounted record. Much love to you xx John Brannan.

(April 19, 2015) It is great to see comments from people who used Th Carousel Record Shop from 1972 to1984. I have such fond memories of all the lovely people who used my shop and who became great friends even after my marriage broke up and I had to sell up which was very hard. Still I have these wonderful memories when vinyl was a wonderful thing and you felt you had something valuable in your hands and took great care of them. I would love to hear from any of you out there with your stories. Thank you John Brannan for your very kind comments which mean so much to Carol

( Feb 2, 2016)How lovely to see that our Carousel Record shop is lodging somewhere in the ether of the internet. We didn't realise when we began that our name 'Carousel' was actually an anagram of both our names: we were the first record business to acquire a buying account directly with the record companies at the time. It was a great time and after I left the business, Carol carried on and went from strength to strength. We loved our customers and I think in some way they loved us - it was such a great time. If we had our time again I don't think we would have done anything differently but now, how the times are a changing. Happy times! With fond memories of all our customers and all our wonderful record reps. Sue x

Carol, thank you so much for amazing memories of growing up in Bedworth. Carousel was 'the' record shop...the very best. I bought my first ever record from you...Bionic Santa!!!! I was very little.
My teens were spent in your shop every week. My record collection grew rapidly; and you never failed to get us all the sounds we craved. The atmosphere was so exciting, everyone met at the shop and that's what is now missing. Thank you for the fun. Hope life us being good to you
Gez Amadeo

Now this bings back happy memories used to love dashing to Carousel on a Thursday after work (payday) to buy albums and singles. Music has taken me to places like the US to see Bruce Springsteen and brought me so much pleasure those fledgling days buying vinyl in Carousel lead me on a lifelong music love affair.
Mark Daffern

I used to love this shop.
Every week I'd spend my pocket money in here!
Many happy memories xxx
Jane Ford

Carousel Records was by far one of the friendliest record shops that I called at when I worked in the music industry. I would always get my artists to visit Carol when they were in the area. There is a photograph of Carol with Leeds group Vicious Pink in my autobiography. Thanks to Roger Twynham for suggesting this site.
Don Evitts




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