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Casa in Sauchihall Street. Opened IIRC in the early 70s specialising in the then high tech cassette tape format. In later years specialised in Scottish, folk, classical and opera. Comment; Kay Jay.

‚ÄčThe right shop- but not the right town! Saucihall Street is Glasgow (I think) not Barnsley. Casa Disco was at the top of the Peel Square part of Pitt Street, just before the turn into Wellington Street, and rival shop Scene and Heard was a few doors further down facing up Market Hill. Both were the 'trendy' younger record shops for those (in the 1970s) searching for those more unusual or specialist releases. They were a bit dark and a bit intimidating to the younger teen and, because they were smaller and more cramped, maybe not as prepared to put up with school kids endlessly leafing through the racks, chatting and buying nothing. You co uld get away with that sort of loafing in Boots and Smiths because they were so much bigger and more impersonal. Comment: John Kruse. ( Sept 13, 2016).

Loved this shop.
So many happy memories of waiting outside for it to open on the day a new Queen record was released.
They got so used to me, that from 1989, Steve, who worked there, used to give me promotional material after they'd finished with it rather than throw it in the bin.
I'm eternally grateful for that!
David Backhouse





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