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To be honest I barely remember this but one of my favourite haunts in the city was Chalmers and Joy, near the bus station. Downstairs there were plenty of Scottish traditional, folk and so on, but upstairs was where anything new and alternative was sold. It would be easy to mock the hierarchy of the musical genres, but upstairs had a lot more space so would have been more ideal for the array of records they had. It was also memorable for the staircase on whichevery space was taken up by a poster. porky prime cuts

We sought out Bruce Millers and Chalmers and Joy, both emporia of rock then in George Street, Telemech in Marischal Street and the ever-reliable Woolworths, where bargains could often be had due to a bizarre pricing regime which more than once saw credible chart albums reduced to 50p because the wifie in charge confused James Last with James Taylor or Frankie Vaughan and Frankie Miller.




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