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The other Mecca for me was the shop on Charing Cross Rd.-was that Chappels?---I worked just round the corner and one real highlight I remember was being downstairs waiting my turn to play a selected record in the tiny enclosed booth there and listening to Ian Christie-Dicky Hawdon--and Keith Chritie( The Christie Brothers Stompers) talking about the previous nights concert. Thats where I bought most of my Tempo/Melodisc records---that was up to 1952. My only claim was to be present at the concert when the Mississippi Jazz band played --I wanna a girl just like etc which was recorded and I can still hear the applause--and myself --perhaps!! Good luck Dennis.
I was employed by Alex to work at Chappells in 1971 to manage the Jazz section. He knew of me from my previous experience working at HMV 363, Oxford St. When Buddy Rich made a p/a at Chappells, Alex thought it would be a good idea for Buddy to play the drums sitting in the shop window!! Needless to say,this never happened. Yes, Alex was a real character. Regards, Peter Robinson




50 New Bond Street Mayfair / London
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