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Maimie Paterson

The one in Dingwall. Christopher ? was the main man.

Chris Records had the upstairs of what was Size Boutique later to be TORS DR Records I remember buying Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Zero Time, wow! Malcom Cecil and Robert Margouleff also terry Riley's A Rainbow in Curved Air. Chris was from Dingwall he had a record shop there, I think he passed away a few years go.

A poster that was produced to promote a fundraiser held in his name. Don’t remember now who did it. The surrounding art work is his and the quotes relevant. See image. Alison (2024)


Alison MacMillan
15 Feb 2024 at 03:07
Chris Records was owned by Christophe Cameron and dispensed coffee and craic along with the chance to listen to (purchase not necessary) an eclectic range of music. He died from a brain tumor in 1991. My cousin. Miss you.



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