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It was there right through my childhood and teenage years, 60s and 70s, but disappeared at some indeterminate point since then. It sold mainly toys, but had racks of records as well, and I graduated from the cowboy guns and plastic spaceships at the front of the shop to the racks of Nana Mouskouri and ‘Top of the Pops’ covers at the back. Amongst the MoR there was fantastic sleeve art by Roger Dean and Hipgnosis and I can still feel the shock of seeing four grown men in full makeup on the cover of a Kiss album. I don’t think I ever bought a record from Mrs Piercy. But her record racks were an extraordinary exhibition of incredible visuals in the cultural desert of rural Yorkshire. Clarice Piercy undoubtedly played a big part in my decision to become a graphic designer.
Comment: Mark Greenwood



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