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John Pickles

Wow. Clarke’s Music Shop. Spent many an hour browsing through their records in the ‘70’s And looking forward to seeing the new charts in the window every Tuesday. Heartbreaking to see it as a burned out shell now.

Peter Thatcher

As a point of interest, Clarke’s left a legacy to the people of Leverington and Gorefield as part of the Feoffees a grant is provided for musical education.


Dave Harwood
28 Mar 2024 at 04:22
I found this advert in the 'Fenland Citizen' dated 3rd November 1982: “CLARKE'S MUSIC SERVICES for all MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, SHEET MUSIC, RECORDS, TAPES, AUDIO, PIANOS, ORGANS. Come and see the new VISCOUNT range of ORGANS at 5 MARKET PLACE. Tel.: Wisbech 583363.”



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