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Dave Harwood
10 Jun 2024 at 11:20
I found this piece in 'Bedfordshire on Sunday' dated 6th November 1988: “Classical music is no longer limited to the select few - it has a growing market among young and old people who sometimes need some friendly advice on just what they are looking for. Look no further than Classic Music of Lime Street. Behind the counter is Stuart Bassindale, a face familiar to fans of local theatrical groups since he was with the Marianettes for for 17 years. He and partner John Burr are both lovers of good music and decided open their shop to meet a gap in the market.Their range of cassettes and compact discs cater for the connoisseur and the casual listener and are well within the reach of everyone’s purse.”
... and this advert in the 27th November edition:
“Classic Music - Ideal place for the ideal Christmas present. Large selection of Compact Discs and Sheet Music. 7 Lime Street, Bedford. Tel: 357221.”



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