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Name: Peter Greendale
Comment: Big in C&W and similar which was big with the fishermen and their families who traditionally live in the Hessle Road area and whose demise mirrored the demise of the local fishing industry.

Name LA Falcon
Comment: What number was Cleveland’s on Hessle Road and was it situated near Robinson's Funeral Parlour?
(25 June 2014)


Dave Harwood
15 Aug 2023 at 02:27
I found an article about Cleveland’s record shop in the 30th June 1986 edition of the Hull Daily Mail:
Hessle Road business closing down – Cleveland’s record shop, run by brothers James and Joe Cleveland. The original shop just across the road was opened around 1930 by their father and mother. Business prospered and led to a second shop in Holderness Road. That closed last year. “We lived through one decline when radio came along and hit record sales” said James. “Today you can buy records in all the big stores and we just can’t compete, what with the decline in sales and the decline of Hessle Road itself.”



409-411 Hessle Road Hull / Humberside
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Opened :
Closed :

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