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The old Co-op Department Store at Congress House in Orsett Road had a really good record section think it was on the top floor building now long gone flattened in the late 70s along with Queens hotel to make way for the truly awful Queens gate Centre which has never taken off with the passing of these type of Shops the whole character of the town over the last 40 years has been destroyed I suppose this goes for many oldTowns this is progress I suppose. Comment: Neil Osborne.

(5 days ago) Tony Orwell said:As far as i can remember it was not in the building pictured, it was in the building behind that ended up being p'Zaz, i bought blondie's autoamerican there for £5.29 in 1980 ish, first and only visit

(Sept 19, 2014) Alan said:I worked at Congreshouse and the record dep was great. Sadly i have no pics from those early sixties grays.And yes Grays has changed for the worse. I have many fond memorys of dear old grays .

I worked around the corner in mallets the butchers 1965good old days bastianas icecream shop who remembers Payne’s the pawn shop on the corner opposite the queens hotel I could goon for ages.
Brian Wylde

I worked in Congress House in Gents Outfitters 1st floor, my very first job, 1965 I was there for 6years. I am very sure they got the idea for the TV series Are you being served. The layout and staff are so similar.
Robert Blake

Just a quick correction. It’s not been flattened, just the interior rebuilt, and the back extended closer to Clarence Road, which contains the Queens pub.
Philip Collins




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