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Posted February 16, 2015 (edited)

Does anyone else remember a great little record shop on Christmas Steps in Bristol? Went there a few times around 1971 or 72. I'm pretty sure it was run by an elderly couple and it was really unusual because they had a lot of deleted stuff but it was all stored behind the counter in brown cardboard boxes; one for each label. So you basically had to ask, what have you got on Cameo Parkway? Anything on Oriole or Stateside? They would rummage around and produce the goodies (if you were lucky). It was all 50 pence. My Brother-in-law cleared out a lot of good stuff from there including quite a bit of Motown on Oriole, and an Eddie Holland Jamie, but I still have a few things I snaffled to this day, nothing really rare but lovely to get in mint condition - things like the Jaynetts Sally go round and Dee Dee Sharp Do the Bird.

Never heard anyone mention it - was it completely off the radar, or did I dream it?

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Dave Harwood
15 Feb 2024 at 03:36
I found this advert in the 'Clevedon Mercury' dated 6th January 1951: “THE TALE OF GORDANO by Eve Wigan, 168 pages, illustrated, fully bound with wrapper showing map of District c.1850. An indispensible work of reference, reviewed in this paper recently. 12/6 plus 6d. postage. Also all other book requirements. THE CORVINUS BOOKSHOP 5 Christmas Steps, Bristol 1.”
… and this advert in the 'Bristol Evening World' dated 9th January 1951: “BOOKS Bought (modern), including Novels, Antiquarian, small and large. Tel: 25221. Corvinus Bookshop, 5 Christmas Steps, Bristol 1.”



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