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(March 13, 2015) I was the original manager of Crown Records when it opened on December 12, 1970. It was a family owned business which was sold a year or so after I emigrated to the US in 1976. I still have a few of the Crown Record bags in a scrap book and a painting of the shop in my office. In addition, a friend of mine, Pete, and I ran Surge Disco for about four years before selling the equipment. Great Days! BTW, the best selling Albums when I managed the shop was James Taylor - Sweet Baby James and Youv'e Got A Friend and the best selling single was My Sweet Lord - George Harrison. Cheers, Ray

( March 14, 2015) Wow, that's where I bought most of my records in the 70s. It was still a record shop until a few years ago. Crown Records, Crosby, 1970. Leon Parker has made my day. Now on the record shop archive. The booth where I listened to a whole side of Atomic Rooster's 'Death Walks Behind You'. The Blind Faith record they never sold..Mark Blanchard John D. Hodgkinson and other Crosbyites...
Comment: Hugh Weldon

(March 22, 2015) I have such lovely memories of spending time in Crown Records. Choosing a record, that we couldn't afford to buy; but listening to it in "the booth". Meeting up with our friends to spend Saturday afternoon there. When I finally started working in the smaller Boots Chemist, which I think was a door or two away, I bought my first record, something I've never forgotten. The Three Degrees, When Will I See You Again. Comment: Adrienne Towell.

( Jan 8, 2016) Hi I'm watching a programme on singles and its asking celebs were they bought their first single. what it was, and were it got me to Google crown records your shop great to see the original shop front my single was rocket man from Elton John 1972. I had just started as an apprentice joiner on the site building Quick save. Great memories . Comment: Kevin Kilbane.

Distinctly remember saving up £3.99 in copper coins from my dads loose change each day to buy Goodbye Yellowbricl road by Elton back in the day. Still listening to it more than 40 years on!!
Steve Davies
I bought all my records from Crown records…. I never felt cool enough to hang out in the listening booths so I always made my purchase and run off home to listen. My first single bought with my own money was mud tiger feet which is an amazing start that moved into prog rock buying most of my yes albums there along with Floyd and early rush. Probably by this time it was operating as Quirk records but we always referred to it at Crown records. Happy days.
Dave Hughes



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