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Name Simon Minchell Comment: I remember David's Record shop in Bracknell vividly. It was located down by Bracknell market next door to Paul's Barbers Shop. It was run by Clive and John from what I recall. I socialised with Clive on occasion as we had friends in common but John always seemed to be a little reserved and harder to get to know. I spent many Saturdays in there rifling through the Punk records looking for the best bargains and newest releases. If I'd managed to get down there on a Friday during my day at Bracknell College, I'd also visit the record stall on the market where many white label bootlegs could be purchased if the stallholder knew you. Happy days. I often wonder where all these people are now and where time has gone. ( Nov 23, 2016)

David's in Bracknell was where I would be buying my vinyl back in the early eighties. I remember pre-ordering copies of 12 inch singles to ensure I secured my pick on release. Also remember buying pin badges and gig tickets from there. The shop was a bit out of the way from the main town centre but that just added to it's appeal to this young music fan getting into Indie when it was really a thing. (Remember the Independent labels chart in the NME anyone?)
John H

I bought many records from the Bracknell shop in the 60s. When I asked "when is the Jimi Hendrix first album coming in" I was told "we are not stocking that rubbish anybody can turn their amp up to get feed back". I think I had to go to Windsor to buy it. I did buy Fresh Cream in Bracknell.
Martin Cole





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