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A vintage Christmas vinyl record meant for children's parties has been rediscovered during the clearing out of a Debenhams.
Fantasia - A Christmas Story was written specifically for the Edwin Jones store, as it was then known, in Southampton in 1962.
It later became a Debenhams and closed down last year.
Mark Holman, from restoration firm Fork Handle Revival, called the record a "reminder of Christmases gone by".

The record, which features a woman talking about the spirit of Christmas, is credited to Recorded Sound Limited, a recording studio set up in Marble Arch, London, in the 1950s.

It was found by a security guard in one of the derelict building's many offices, which Mr Holman described as looking like a "bomb site, very reminiscent of one of those mutant zombie films".
Mr Holman said: "We think Edwin Jones commissioned it, and we think it would have been used at Christmas parties for children that Edwin Jones and Debenhams were renowned for.
"Many of us grew up seeing that the best Father Christmas was always the Debenhams Father Christmas."
He added: "The more we looked into it, the more unique we found it to be."
He called the piece "very spiritual", "very different", and a "very pure Christmas story".


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