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(June 10, 2013) Tony May said:Debenhams in Hastings used to have a fair selection of mainly chart/popular LP's and tapes but I can't recall if they ever sold 7" singles? The records were in browsers and situated in 'Greens' inside the shop on the ground floor where the menswear section is today. I remember plundering the Debenhams sale a few times because they often got stuck with anything remotely 'borderline popular' and did not appear to have staff with specialist knowledge as whoever did the ordering was often way off base about how many copies of an item they should stock. I remember the shop getting stuck with loads of spare 'Get The Knack' by The Knack albums for example when that band proved to be a one-hit wonder...

(May 14, 2012) D Howells said:Debenhams Hastings used to have a large selection of records and tapes .. in the 80s for sure and probably in the 70s.




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