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Name: treefrogdemon's
Comment: Delmar's Music Shop, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, early 1960s. They had to cover a wide range of music in a very small space (they also sold musical instruments). There was a listening booth and the staff were very helpful to a young teenager with hardly any money - I got 2/9 an hour for my Sunday morning job. Most of the music I liked had already been deleted by the time I started liking it but they would look stuff up in their huge catalogues and tell me what had been re-released on EPs. Then they would order it in for me and if I didn't like it I didn't have to buy it. And I've still got one of their bags!

Name: Michael Sharpin
Comment: I bought my first record there, The Spencer Davis Group's Keep On Running - good days.
(22 March 2013)

Name: Mike Aston
Comment: The Folklanders ran a Folk Club in The Robin Hood - lots of guitar and banjo strings were bought at Delmar's The owner/manager was always extremely friendly and courteous - was always happy to put posters up. His customers included Terry & Paddy Lightfoot, Johnny Barnstable, Acker Bilk etc.
(19 March 2013)

Name: Gloria Tindley-Stoner
Comment: Owner was Terry?, brother-in-law of Eric (wife Sheila) who owned the Arcade Music Shop in North Finchley with his mother Doris and stepfather Arthur Lloyd where I worked for them after school and Saturdays in the 1950s. They obviously sold it after opening Delmars.

Name: Jeff Andrews
Comment: I just found an old Unit 4+2 record in a charity shop and the name Delmar's was printed on the sleeve. Tried looking it up and found these comments. Fascinating stuff as we had a similar one in Swindon called Kempsters. I worked in Potters Bar for a short while as part of the area Youth Work Team covering Potters Bar to Borehamwood (my first patch as a newly-qualified youth worker). We were based in an old school-type building in Potters Bar but can't remember the name of the road. Loved my short time there.

Name: Peter Ramsey
Comment: My next door neighbour in Potters Bar was Terry Baker, the owner of the music shop. He showed me all about my guitar - how to tune it, how to restring it, just any of the adjustments that needed doing, and he played a really good banjo. Eric the brother-in-law and his wife Sheila also lived next door for a while.




195 Darkes Lane EN6 1BW Potters Bar / Hertfordshire
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