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(Sept 8, 2014) Steve Richards said:As I lived just around the corner I used to go to Dinosaur Discs every other Saturday in the early 1980s. The shop was run by a guy who was in (UK) Deadbeats (they released one single on Red Rhino).
Dinosaur Discs had a great selection of DIY/indie post punk records. My main interest was 45s and I would spend a couple of hours looking at the entire stock then buying about 10 or so based on what I’d read about/heard or simply by the name of the band or the look of the cover. I seem to remember that most covers were in black and white.
Dinosaur Discs had their own record label and released singles by Empire featuring ex Generation X members Bob Andrews & Mark Laff and Dawn Patrol among others.
I’m not sure how long the shop lasted but it was probably only 2 or 3 years.


Peter Watson
11 Jun 2023 at 07:48
My first bedsit was round the corner when I was 18. Spent a lot of time there 80/81. I was involved in making a film called True Romance etc and we used it as a location. The film is on the BFI player for anyone who’d like to have a look.



Dinosaur Discs 17 Barons Court Road W14

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