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Name: Richard Honour
Comment: Disc Discounts was a record shop, opened in 1973 until 1987, operating from 88 (and later from 86) Sheep Street and run by Richard Honour and Ron Winter; it serviced shops in the nearby towns of Witney, Brackley, and Chipping Norton, and also sold records in the New Theatre, Oxford.
(14 July 2015)

Name: Barry.
Comment: My first record shop was Disc Discounts, I've got some great memories of that shop. I spent many a Saturday in there, there were two arcade games in one corner.
(29 November 2016)

Name: Kev Pryce
Comment: Branch in Eastleigh (High Street) in old Co-op building. Circa 1981-83. Shop staff, Janet, Kev & Alison.




86 Sheep Street OX26 6LP Bicester / Oxfordshire
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Opened :
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