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(July 14, 2015) Disc Discounts was a record shop,opened in 1973 until 1987 operating from 88 Sheep street and later from 86 sheep street ... ran by Richard Honour and Ron Winter.. servicing Shops in nearby towns Witney, Brackley, Chipping Norton and also selling records in the New Theater Oxford.. Comment:
Richard Honour

My first record shop was disc discounts I got some great memories of that shop . spent many a Saturday in there , there was 2 arcade games in one corner. Regards Barry. (Nov 29, 2016)

Branch in Eastleigh (High Street) in old Co-op building. Circa 81 - 83. Shop staff, Janet, Kev & Alison

Kev Pryce




Disc Discount
86 Sheep Street

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