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(May 15, 2015) Would be interested to hear of anyone who remembers this shop. I saw the ad in Black Music magazine and realising that I could get a Green Line coach from the bottom of my road in Streatham, I made the journey to Watford a couple of times during what must have been late 1974 or early 1975. The shop was set in a small precinct and I only remember what looked to me to be a middle-aged white lady behind the counter. I bought a few Trojan 45s for about 20p each. She offered to play my selections for my but my naive 14 year old self declined with the result that I bought a few absolute bummers! Comment: Marc Griffiths

(October 06, 2015) I went there at least twice, due to their ad advertising pre releases , i can remember the shop well, not very big but having a great selection of soul records. I remember buying some Invictus albums, and being served by an older lady. somebody told me at the time it was a front , how true this was i don't know, but it was quite tucked away, so i can't see how they did much trade. i went back a few months ago to have a look, and the shop is still there, not selling records of course. does anybody know how long it lasted ? and has any more info about the owners. Comment: Brian Peters.

I don't recall it lasting a long time - I remember dub reggae played always- I lived round corner - I also remember the 20p records and i think it had been a bakers previous- The racking was the original shops and do recall the singles in racks that had once held bread buns.Other local shops in the precient was electrical-news-veg-launderers-jewellers-chinese-butchers-model railway shop-was a strange place for that sort of shop- at least 10 minutes from watford town centre

ian jakeman




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