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I live near disc and tape in Bristol and bought singles on the way from school. Comment:Matt Gilbert
Ah, that sticker alone brings back memories. I started shopping regularly at Disc'n'Tape in the late 70s when I first moved to Bristol and then, with the advent of CD, the acquisition of the shop by Graeme Cornish and my move to Bishopston, I used to buy something in there pretty much every Saturday. It was a good little shop.

Julian Stevens


Mark Studden
11 Jul 2023 at 04:12
Many's the time I stood outside Disc'n'Tape waiting for Grame to show up to unlock on a Saturday morning! Cracking good record shop, and a great place to pick up bargains on CD whenever he had a clearout. Whenever Graeme was in a mischievous mood, he'd rasie an eyebrow at what you'd asked him to order in and say, "You don't want to buy that. You really don't." Then he'd order it in for you while shaking his head. He was a perfect record shop owner who wouldn't bat an eyelid at my requests for him to get in five or six titles for me - no deposit asked for, no time limit on how long it took for me to show up to complete the transaction. I never let him down with my orders, and he always made a great effort to track down obscure stuff for me. We both owned cars with leaky targa roofs, so we also exchanged leak-proofing tactics in winter!




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