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This is going back a loooooong way, over 50 years in fact, when I first started buying records at Discland in Queen St., Gravesend. The Tech. 5th. form 'gang' hung out there most lunch hours, usually with a bag of chips from the chippy opposite, and a packet of Players Weights (five to a packet for one shilling). As well as all the latest stuff Discland sold ex-juke box singles they got from the local caffs once the record had dropped out of the chart, and sold them off cheap for 2 or 3 bob (10-15p). You could buy a new centre to fill up the big hole in the middle for an extra 4d (2p). Still got some of them though they've got old beer stains and fag burns on them from those teenage parties so long ago, but they've out-lived Discland, Weights,and Gravesend Tech. too, come to that. (But not the chippy, which, I am told, is still going strong).




Discland Gravesend

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