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Run by Maurice Hunting who bore a remarkable resemblance, I always thought, to Will Hay both in looks and manner. In the 70s, the imported New Orleans jazz LPs I used to buy were sometimes priced but not always. This meant you had to ask Maurice, sometimes an exasperating process...
Comment: Robert Greenwood

Diskery in Birmingham. In its first incarnation that I remember it was in Digbeth and a little bit of a trek from the town centre. The owner was a right miserable bastard but you could always exchange your old records so it meant a continual circulation of stuff. Later it moved to the Burlington arcade which was more accessible even if the owner wasn't.

Morris Hunting R.I.P

The Alladin's cave of vinyl, and a genuine feeling of being welcomed when entering the shop. Often greeted with the words "Hello friend" by Maurice, even though he didn't know you. Great team of Jimmy and Liam run it now, have spent many long lunch hours there, enjoying the banter, sharing musical knowledge, and making the odd purchase here and there. Long live the Diskery, Birmingham's finest - no wonder they've lasted so long !

Comment: Keith Howell




92a Hurst Street 99-109 Bromsgrove Street

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