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17 Cat The Advertiser Friday August 15 1986 Advertiser Arts News and reviews o'5 DIANA ECCLESTON and aspiring ..

... venue in Coombe Road includes fashion show live music and a barbecue Admission is by ticket only priced £5 available from DMD Records Brigstock Parade London Road Thornton Heath arte page solo writing of the first two movements was reminiscent of his vocal ...


Dave Harwood
18 Jan 2024 at 05:33
I don't recall DMD Records in the 1980's as I moved out of the area in the mid-1970's, but there was definitely a record shop at 3 Brigstock Parade, London Road, Thornton Heath from the late 1950's to the mid-1970's. Mrs. Woodger ran it and she used to have Saturday girls helping her in the shop sometimes. Her husband was a radio engineer who had his own shop further up Brigstock Road and they lived just a few streets away in Buxton Road. Other people remember it too, as Jane Bashford commented on a Bygone Croydon Facebook page: “Record shop on corner of London Road and Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath had booths.” ... and Marion Jones commented on a Norbury Photographs Facebook page: “There was one on the corner of London Road and Brigstock Road. The lady who ran it was Mrs. Woodger. I worked a couple of shops away in Priors Estate Agents (at 7 Brigstock Parade) for 3 years and got to know her well.” ... and Jennifer Bobbins replied: “I've no idea of the name of the shop, but just remember as teenagers, on a Saturday morning, meeting there and it's where I bought records.”



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