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(Jan 10, 2014) Chris said:Earth Records was the first proper record shop I ever went in, and also the thinnest ! George was the coolest guy in Aylesbury. He ordered for me every obscure Depeche Mode 12" remix etc and let me buy them week by week when I got my wages from working my Saturday job.

(April 17, 2015) Earth Records in Aylesbury was one of the coolest record shops I have ever been in. It was only about 8 feet wide with plywood record racks running down both sides. The counter was at the far end and the staff used to disappear into the store room when you asked for something that wasn't on display. I used to imagine that it was like some sort of vinyl wonderland back there with an Aladdin's cave of treasure. The shop was set up by the team that ran the legendary Friar's Aylesbury music venue so it doubled up as the their box office. I remember a friend going in there slightly confused about the concert he wanted to go to and asking for tickets for 'Theatre of Drops'. Last year there was a fantastic exhibition at the Bucks County Museum celebrating the Friar's venue and there was quite a bit of Earth Records memorobilia on display. Comment:
Simon Mallett.

Name steve hanham Comment:Amazing selection of underground prog - used to by friars tickets for some amazing gigs. great days - some of those albums are now worth a fortune? (March 2, 2017)

Back in 1975 or'76 I saw Bob Marley and several of his band/crew members browsing records in Earth Records. I didn't realise at the time exactly who they were of how big they would become, but it's something I'll never forget.
Frank D

Paul Woodham

Used to help out in the shop and yes Keith was a nice guy as said. Friars was a great musical club back in the day and yes went to this concert, one of many.

Diana Tompkins

Sure bought my first Marc bolan 45 there




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