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East Kilbride Music Centre was a record shop (no longer there) and sold guitars (not top notch stuff and a few bits and pieces - recorders, the odd cheap keyboard). It had two floors in East Kilbride Alexandra Arcade. On entering that was the classical, jazz, Frank Sinatra etc., albums/cassettes etc., and upstairs was 'pop' and rock etc., I worked on both floors but I was buyer/manageress upstairs. I remember the 1st Queen album there. East Kilbride Music Centre was the sister shop of Gloria's Record Bar. It was sold in the early '70s to a Mr.Newman by the Blint family who owned Gloria's. I remember Jack Bruce's mum coming in to ask how her son's album was selling (of Cream). I worked with Jeanette - she married Colin Finn (J.S.D. Band) soon after - he was touring USA at that time). He went on to work for CBS as a rep. then opened a musical instrument shop in East Kilbride Village - it's still here. (I live in East Kilbride - know to locals as E.K.).




East Kilbride Music Alexandra Arcade
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