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Eastern Bloc, Manchester
I didn’t start going shopping in Manchester until the summer of ’93. At that time Eastern Bloc was two shops next door to each other. The shop on the left sold the “dance” scene vinyl/CDs and the shop on the right sold what was/is commonly known as “indie” plus ’60s garage/psychedelia etc. Just as I’d discovered this shop the right part stopped trading and Eastern Bloc became solely a “dance” scene emporium. The (“dance”) shop had an “in-crowd” feel about it. And if you weren’t in with the ‘in crowd’ it could be a bit unwelcoming. Charlie Bravo (July 5, 2016).

D.J.Tony Walker
In 2000 he went on to be listed no 22 in DJ magazines top 100 DJ’s public poll. Despite this accolade Tony’s talents are by no means restricted to DJing. Extensive Knowledge of the intricacies of the industry has been gathered writing freelance for Muzik, Ministry and DJ magazines as well as managing both Urban Rhythm and Eastern Bloc record shops, producing his own tracks (recorded as Main Connection, Soul Friction and the Barkin Brothers), managing his own label (Working Beats) and tour managing the love to be concept.


Dave Harwood
08 Oct 2023 at 04:18
I found an article in the ‘Manchester Evening News’ dated 19th September 1995: “... unique to the city are independent record stores covering all bases of the musical spectrum. The most famous of these is Eastern Bloc Records (Oldham Street), originally part-owned by ex-808 State member Martin Price and now part of the PWL empire.”
07 Nov 2023 at 02:55
The best record shop on the planet; and has been since the halcyon daze of 1988.



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